Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Tough Links

Today's links are so tough they promise not to come off the field unless they're dead AND EVEN THEN THEIR GHOST WILL PLAY!

1. If I ever get a dog he won't speak English.
2. Rob Lowe's not happy (If you don't watch Parks and Recreation, you probably should.) (h/t to Warming Glow):

3. I have to agree with Liz here.
4. As a former middle manager I couldn't help but relate.
5. Death to the beer line!
6. Watching this, I imagined Burt as the little Allison and Chipper Jones replacing David Wright (includes strong language, h/t to Desipio.com):
7. It's possible that British accents make this funnier. (h/t to Hire Jim Essian)
8. Here's a nice template for many awful facebook discussions. (h/t to Karyn)
9. From Sam Smith's weekly Bulls column: "There is excitement among Clippers’ fans, finally, with (Blake) Griffin’s play, so the L.A. Times asked who was the greatest Clipper ever. The candidates were Elton Brand, Michael Cage, Baron Davis, Gary Grant, Ron Harper, Marques Johnson, Chris Kaman, Corey Maggette, Danny Manning, Ken Norman, Eric Piatkowski, Charles Smith and Loy Vaught. I assume none of the above won."
10. Burt and any IT support staff could use one of these.

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