Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Link Fest

Here are 10 links for this tremendously icy Tuesday.

1. The hidden secret about pregnant women:

2. If you wanna go higher here's the Stacey King soundboard.
3. It somehow makes it feel like a more productive video game if you type to shoot.
4. Here's a creative use of photoshop (not really NSFW.)
5. Watch a series of photos of this family trying to take a picture of their black dog.
6. Here's Tom Brady pregame on Sunday.  I think he was smelling Danny Woodcock's pee.  (I thought Deion Sanders was going to die.  They actually showed about a minute of that when they aired it.)
7. Demitri Martin gives the spork some related utensils.
8. Don't be surprised if I try this (h/t to Stino).
9. Ricky Gervais may or may not be in trouble for his Golden Globes monologue but I thought it was really funny (especially the Cher joke).
10. In honor of yesterday's holiday, what if Dr. King had to put his speech into Powerpoint.

Hopefully you enjoyed these, proving that I may not be very funny myself but I'm good at finding things that are.

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