Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Loud Nurse

I haven't had 10 links for a while. I expect to have them by next Tuesday. Instead I've got a story that's somewhat timely that I figured I'd post before it's too old.

We were watching the Bears game last Monday night at Sports Page in Arlington Heights. We were sitting at the bar. Concurrently, game 7 of the NLCS between the Cardinals and the Giants was on. Sometime during the game a Cardinals fan who I believe was also a nurse (I think she had scrubs on) sat behind us. She was quite vocal.

Now, mind you, I'm fairly certain she showed up while the Giants were taking a 7-0 lead. But she had no quit in her. Everytime a Cardinal came up with men in scoring position she voiced her support for that batter and expressed disappointment when he failed to come through. In both the top of the 6th and the top of the 8th the Cardinals threatened and David Freese came up. Loud Nurse was sure to say something like, "Come on Freese! You can get us back in this game!" We were surprised at her enthusiasm particularly in the top of the 8th when they were already down 8-zip.

In any case, Freese didn't come through and the score remained 8-0 heading into the bottom of the 8th. With two outs in the bottom of the 8th Brandon Belt of the Giants hit a solo home run making the score 9 to nothing. There was silence. Then our Loud Nurse was heard to say, "We are fucked up the ass!"

Didn't realize that was such a big home run!

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