Monday, November 5, 2012


"...foul line extended left."
"...dribbles the ball between the circles."
" of the key."
"...around and OUT!"
and my favorite:

"...rimmingggggg NO!"

Those are phrases I associate with Jim Durham. No one called a basketball game on the radio like him. He was really good. Very descriptive. Painted a picture better than any other basketball announcer. I loved listening to the Bulls even when the roster had guys like Tate Armstrong, Steve Sheppard, Sam Smith and Delmer Beshore. After he left the Bulls I would often stop to listen to him call a game if I heard him while flipping channels.

Liked him more than Marv Albert and Albert's pretty damn good. JD calls, "it's good and a foul!" to indicate a chance for a 3-point play. Albert calls, "it's good and it counts!" That always bugged me. You could say that after every made field goal. It doesn't mean that a foul was called.

While I've grown accustomed to Neil Funk, I still miss Durham. Now, as in 1991 when he left the Bulls, he's gone too soon.

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