Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 3/20 - Born To Link Links

These links promise to do their best to answer your prayers.

1. This is someone I need to meet.

2. What he said.

3. I'm pretty sure this would be my thought process as well.

4. I love the manual lock.

5. I haven't called anyone "you know who" in a long time. I wonder if that means anything.

6. I'm fairly certain there's nothing good about drones.

7. You may have heard, Peyton Manning committed to the Denver Broncos yesterday.

8. Video time: first, Community came back last week! Here it does a Law and Order like opening.

9. The Seattle Mariners have some pretty good ads. This is my favorite for this season. You'll have to watch it on YouTube because MLB is weird about the stuff they own. You may want to watch this one from last year first in order to understand the tag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf_HoE-mRoQ.

10. If you're a fan of 2 Broke Girls I'm sorry for you. Here's a short trailer that uses the show's footage to criticize it.

Until next time when I'll be avoiding writing a sitcom where everyone is a stereotype.

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