Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 3/13 - Shaving Links

These links promise not to break up with you in a text message.

1. Here's a Mac link - mainly because if you go to the Hardball Talk site from anything other than IE it's really slow and annoying. I present, well, see for yourself.

The Rays are giving away a horrifying promotional item

Feb 22, 2012, 1:03 PM EDT

The Rays must have some weird tax situation that absolutely requires that no one show up for their June 29 game against the Tigers.  How else to explain them giving away a promotional item that, if there is a God in Heaven, should send people running for the hills or an exorcist or something. From Rays Index, I present you with “Zim Bear”:

I realize that some of you are going to defend this thing and claim it’s adorable, but that just proves that it wields unholy power and that you are malleable and prone to the demon’s suggestion. Because it’s evil incarnate and must be killed with fire lest it wake up in the dark of night and consume your pets and children whole.

2. I'm pretty much jealous of everyone.

3. From Found Shit:

One time me, Mike, Debbie and Franz went to a party at someone's place who, I think, was a friend of a friend of Franz's. As we were wandering around her back yard drinking her free beer one of us, possibly me, asked the name of the person who's party we were attending. Franz says, "I think it's Bridget something." Mike says, "Who cares? It's free beer! Her name is Bridget Freebeer, now drink up so you can get me another one." I'll always remember Bridget Freebeer's party.

4. I happen to believe that today is always under construction.

5. I'm particularly fond of the first couple of minor differences.

6. Don't you love surprises inside.

7. I'm sorry this is a slide show, but it's really awesome!

8. Video time! Glad I'm not a woman in Deacon Jones' life. (h/t to Tom M.)

9. Here are some rules about spoilers:

10. You may have seen this before as it went viral pretty quickly but if you haven't, well, let's just say Alejandro looks happy.

Until next time, when I'll be avoiding putting a flashlight on my razor.

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  1. Thanks. I totally need one of those Zimmer dolls!