Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 12/20 - Celebrity Impression Links

These links promise not to milk any wolves.

1. UHpinions knows you've been dying to get some wolf urine.

2. Geniuses I tell you, geniuses!

3. This will need some explanation for some of you. Dummy Hoy was a deaf mute baseball player.* He's credited as the reason signals for out and safe were created in baseball.

*At least for the purposes of this link. I believe he could speak but not well since he went deaf at the age of 3.

4. Mac requested that I copy more stuff into the text of the blog instead of having links so he could read things more easily from his mobile phone. Here's my first Mac link. From Rob Neyer:

In The Year 2035: Michael Cera


That's the White Sox's new manager. I should have asked him if he likes Superbad as much as I do.

5. A second Mac link, although not all of this list is great. I give you the one that cracked me up. You can see the whole thing here, from The 11 Points list of 11 Most Ridiculous Criminals of 2011:

Florida: Surprisingly America's most redneck-ed state.

A few years ago, a few friends and I took a "non-hypotenuse" America road trip -- Cleveland to Orlando to Los Angeles. We hit a lot of southern states. None hit on more of the infamous southern stereotypes than Florida. It was then, based solely on observations, that we declared Florida to be surprisingly America's most redneck-ed state. Well add this story to that anecdotal evidence pile... and perhaps move it to the very top of the list.

On Memorial Day, in East Naples, Florida, 33-year-old Tina Gonzales threw a birthday party for her son where the kids did kid things while the adults got hammered drunk. Tina's neighbor came over to complain and someone from the party bit him. No one would own up to it but the cops were able to pull out their Encyclopedia Brown skills and pin it on Tina.

How? None of the other adults at the party had enough teeth to make the bite pattern in the guy's arm. Most of them didn't have any teeth at all. Tina was arrested. (Source)

6. This is a Simpsons/Breaking Bad mashup. Very well done. Warming Glow added to it so I suggest going there to see their additions.  

7. If you've seen Saturday Night Live the last few weeks you've seen these next 3 videos. As you can see I like the skits where the cast does a bunch of impressions.

8. I would NOT buy this Christmas CD.

9. I also won't be going to see "War Horse."

10. The first time I watched this I almost hurt myself laughing so hard. It wasn't as funny in subsequent viewings but since you may be seeing it for the first time hopefully you'll react the same way I did the first time. It's the world's hardest video game.

That's all for this week. The Tuesday Ten wishes you a Happy Holiday and hopes you enjoy your preferred solstice celebration.

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