Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Tuesday Ten - Where Wishes Go To Eat

No Tuesday Ten today because I was out tonight and don't have time. I should probably mention I'm out of the country* and headed to bed. But, first, something that amused me...

*Please don't burgle me

Before I went to bed I got on Facebook and saw the magic "1" under notifications. I point the mouse  at it and see "Manuel S (not his real name) sent you a request in Mi Arbol de Navidad 2011. (there should be an accent mark over the "A.") I assume that means "My tree of Christmas 2011" and wonder what this is about.

Manuel S is my Dad. Dad's barely on Facebook. I think the main reason he joined is to see pictures of his great grandkids my nephew's wife frequently posts. 

This is unusual activity for him so I figure I'll see what it's about. So I click on it and it shows something in Spanish. It appears to be some sort of chain letter app where the more people that join the more likely your wishes will come true.

I figure Dad's taunting a little since he knows I know very little Spanish. Just the other day Neff and I were joking at a craps table in Des Plaines that Neff was calling out the dice rolls in Spanish so I wouldn't know what the numbers were.

I see the wish in English at the bottom of the Spanish text that says, "May your wishes come true and you stay healthy." That's pretty nice. I want to know what the rest says so I copy the Spanish text and part of the English text gets caught in the wake. I post this to Google Translate:
Manuel le envió un regalo envuelto y se lo puso debajo de su árbol de Navidad! Es posible que tenga que esperar til el día de Navidad para abrir este! Aceptar esto para ayudarme a aumentar mi karma.
May your wishes come
Some of you may know what is posted on the English side:
Manuel sent him a gift wrapped and put under your Christmas tree! You may have to wait til Christmas day to open this! Accepting this to help me increase my karma.
May your wishes eat
 Yes, it's the internet, where your wishes go to eat.

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