Sunday, October 11, 2015

If Things Get Bad Make Some Noise

This an open message to Cubs fans attending playoff games at Wrigley.

I've spent a lot of time at Wrigley Field in my lifetime including, believe it or not, during some playoff baseball.

It can be one of the loudest places I've ever been to which is strange considering it's an open air stadium. However, I feel like the overhanging grandstands - held up by posts which cause many obstructed view seats - make the noise echo loudly when the fans cheer. One of the most recent examples of how loud it can get is during this Miguel Montero at bat from the Cubs Cardinals game on July 8th:

(I enjoy watching Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina argue with the umpire while the ball is still in play. Not sure what chapter that is in "The Cardinal Way" manual.)

But there are times when it can get eerily quiet. The most memorable one of those for me was during the 2003 NLDS. Of course I'm talking about the infamous Game 6. But it wasn't after Alou missed the foul ball. We were too busy booing the fan who touched the ball then. It wasn't after the Alex Gonzalez error either. No it was after the Derrek Lee (yes, he was a Marlin then) bases clearing double. Man, you could hear a pin drop.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not placing the blame on the game 6 and 7 losses on the fans. That's squarely on the players. But I'm saying we didn't help. When an error is made or a rally puts the other team in the lead we Cubs fans get awfully quiet. And while it's helpful for a team to play before a raucous crowd I think it can be disconcerting if not harmful to play before one that's huge but quiet. And we need to change that.

This is a different Cubs team than we've ever seen, a group of young players that are enjoying each other's company and having more fun while being successful more than any other Cubs team I can remember. As fans, we need a new attitude. We need to not care about mistakes or at least not let them affect them with the "Here we go again" attitude that can become so prevalent in those situations.

When things start to go bad we need to get louder. If the opponent takes the lead in the top half of the 8th then when the bottom half of the 8th starts we need to cheer just as much as when the Cubs first took the lead. We need to change just like this team has. We need to not care about setbacks and focus on the present. We need to remember #WeAreGood.

We need to be better and not bring the past with us, show support and GET LOUD. There will be plenty of time for thinking about the past when the season is over. I'm hoping that won't be until early November and that it will be the most memorable season this Cubs fan has ever witnessed. Let's do our best to help make that happen. Make some noise.

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